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I am not happy I lost my to-do list. ^^; I can’t remember zippity doo-dah, so my to-do list is that only thing that keeps me a responsible person. LOL

Tuesday! Had fun at my kindergarten. I played with TINGO!!! XD Tingo can do Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Tingo knows chokes.
tingo knows bjj1
Tingo knows arm-bars.
tingo knows bjj2

Tingo knows knee-bars.
tingo knows bjj3

Tingo sucks at ankle-locks.

tingo knows bjj4

And then I looked up from doing jiu-jitsu with Tingo (alone by myself LOL) and realized it was 10 o’clock and my kids should be bursting in the room any second! haha that would have been embarassing if they’d caught me. hahahaha XD

I wrote my book between my work shifts all afternoon.
I had a stomachache all day. _< Then my co-worker told me that my shark socks aren't actually sharks...they're aligators. I was like, "No! They're sharks!" but he said, "Then why do they have nostrils? And arms painted on them? And a green underbelly?" shark aligator socks I was like….oh. HAHAHA luckly, aligators and crocodiles are my SECOND FAVORITE animal! XD

Today, Wednesday, I got the day off as a substitute holiday called “Happy Monday.” I practiced English with my coach, and then watched class and wrote my book. Then, I met the new trainer I’m going to be working with. His name is Mitsui-san. He did a kind of assessment for me. Hah I was listing all my injuries and he said, “Geez, you have a lot of them.” Yeah, geez, now that you mention it. ^^; He said a few things about my strength that really made me feel crappy, but I knew them to be true, and it affirms that he knows what he’s doing. He also didn’t think my injury was what the doctors had said.

That threw me off…. Really? He said, “I think it’s these muscles and this ligament, not this one.” Nah, I thought, my muscle is fine…? Then he started massaging the muscles and I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It hurt SO freaking much, it was unbelievable. “This is really tight,” he said. OMFG IT WAS. I was laughing to keep from crying. X__X;;

I wonder if that’s it? How is that possible that I’m so incapacitated? I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that? I could not walk after he was done. Is that good or bad? I was limping really bad … like dragging my foot, on the way to the train station. -_-; He said it’s natural. I’m limping less by now. I’m sure it’s not damaged worse because he just massaged the muscle, and I have a greater range of motion now?

Omg that hurt…

Then I lifted weights with my upper body. My obliques were ridiculously sore from some exercises I did the other day. I wish I could lift every day, but I’m so sore that I better take two days off or I won’t recover enough. ~_~; I’m kind of excited to start training with Mitsui-san. I really need to build myself up before I can fight again.

My heating blanket broke! Nooooo!
I need more protein powder. I wonder if I can get Brittany to take me on base to get it cheaper! …