super busy week (training&work)

This week has been ridiculous. I feel like I’ve been on the run constantly, which is the life style I love! I love being productive! I’m just exhausted and my body is in pain, lol. Monday, I had my double training, and I slept SO poorly, which made my long day Tuesday really hard.

I have some projects at work that are really important and need to be done, but I’m not given paid time to do them…but I want to do them anyway, because it eats at my mind, and I’m responsible for it, so I work anyway in my free time…. I’m stuck. _< It's not fair. I should just not do it but my concious is telling me to do it. *sigh* So I got really stressed out this week about that. I also wanted to pick up a few extra lessons, like two, on Thursday, my normal day off. I got FOUR....It's too much, I was already exhausted. lol oh well. x_x I worked A LOT this week. Too much. I'm stupid and naieve about business, and I know it. I wanna eat this so badly. Banana cake and brownie and stuff... super awesome desert

I finally cracked down on myself and lost two pounds this week. Yay.

I trained a lot this week, which is great. My injury still hurts. I’m worried about if it’s getting better or not. :/ It’s better to a point…but will it keep getting better, or stay in this condition? I don’t like what the doctor had told me. I’m worrying about it every day. I was able to train on Monday morning, Monday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning! On Wednesday, I showed up and it’s usally only me, Arai-san, maybe Kakki and another guy or not. I came out of the bathroom and suddenly WICKY was sitting there! O_O! Apparently he wanted to get more drills in. So we did striking drills, which were amazing. I’m practicing them now by myself. Then Katsumura-san said, “Okay now for Roxanne’s seminar!” I was like “Oh yay seminar, wait, what, ME?!?!?!” D: I don’t have anything I can teach such an elite grappler such at Katsumura-san!!

SO I taught him my hissatsu-waza and another point that I thought up on the fly WHILE teaching it, which made everybody go “oooooh!” So I was SO excited. XD I made everybody go “ooooh!” 😀 😀 😀 :D!!! Hell, I was excited because I just taught myself at that second, too. That’s how frick’n AWESOME and dudical grappling is. XD

Thursdsay, Steve taught some cool stuff. I gotta write it down in my notebook.
These are the guys at the pro training, but I didn’t actually participate.
thursday morning training I didn't do
Wicky is on the far right, and Steve is in the rvddw shirt. 😀
I had to run right from training to Shibuya to see my osteopathid doctor (Mihara-san) and then run BACK to Kawasaki for work. Finished work at 9:15. SO tired.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 AM, thinking, @#)($*%&#$(&*#$(%&*#$%!

THANK YOU BRAIN for falling back asleep until 6:00!!
Today I have a lot of work, too, and then the weekend, which is insane work. x_X
I’m trying to save up more money. It’s really hard, on my salary and with the expenses of living in Japan. I feel like I should have more saved away by now, at 30 years old. I’m not such a big spender, either. I just have training expenses and gym expenses, which are a lot, and then my New Years/ Christmas trip is expensive every year. -_- Time is passing and I feel that my bank account is not growing so quickly. My plan was to suppliment my teaching wages with fight money. That’s not happening now. 🙁 I don’t really care about having tons of money – I’m not greedy. I want to be safe and secure when I get older and I have to take care of all my injuries that built up over time. LOL OR if I do have to have some major medicale procedure, I don’t want to be limited by money. :/

I’m concerned about that, too.

Otherwise, life is great. 🙂…