This week…..

It’s been really cold this week.

Cold and rainy. I can’t stand it like that. I think I’m going to explode. The world is spinning.

But I have my treasures, my warm blankets, and fire to keep me from freezing to death.

I wish I were stronger.

I’ve been reading a lot of philosophical stuff lately, and I’ve started thinking that some of it is bull crap. “You can do anything once you put your mind to it!”

Well, actually….guess what. YOU CAN’T always do that! It’s all wrong.

But you HAVE to believe it. If you don’t believe it, you get sucked down into a hole of negativity. I think that we often need to lie to ourselves, to keep making ourselves stretch for an ideal. I heard this quote somewhere, that you need to shoot for the stars if you ever hope to make it to the sky at all. Therefore, you must aim at the stars, and we must be able to see the stars. Even if we don’t get there, we must hold ourselves to the highest ideal, and that way, we can accomplish something great. We have to land on the moon before we can go to Mars, right?

I want to thank my friends for being there when I need them.

I want to thank my fans for always supporting me, no matter what. I want to thank my co-workers for their care and cheer, and my supervisor for being so kick-ass. He gave me a pep-talk yesterday, and I almost cried, I was so grateful. I’m so lucky. And I love my team Groundslam so so sooooo much. It’s been a really really hard week, one of the hardest weeks ever.

(A few are technically visiting fighters, but I feel like we’re all team)…