there it was

I went to get my broom, and there it was, behind the trash can. A lonely chunk of white radish, the end, all by itself on the ground. It must have fallen and rolled there.

Roxy: OH! D:
Radish: !! ;__;
Roxy: 😀 There you are!
Radish: 😀
Roxy: Awww, poor baby! *pick up*
Radish. ;.;
Roxy: …..
Radish: 🙂 …..?
Roxy: Eew, I ain’t eatin you now. How many days have you been on my floor?
Radish: O_O!!
Roxy: Sorry radish.
Radish: :O!!!!!! no no no no!!
Roxy: Goodbye. The rest of you was delicious.
Radish: ;o;!!!!!!