Roxy vs kids. trainingx3, Sat. kids X-mas

This week and weekend have been really busy.

Katsumura-san (what pose is this? LOL), Me, Kaki!

This fellow annoys me and I don’t care if the world knows it. lol I’m like, “do you wanna do this technique together?” and he’s like “no…I’ll just work by myself.” lol so I just train with someone else and strangle him when Katsumura-san makes him go with me. XD Hopefully he’ll come around eventually.

I had a HUGE accomplishment on Wednesday afternoon. I went to training in the morning. Then in the afternoon, I went to work. We have this kids group with a 4 year old and a 5 year old, a boy and girl, who are friends. They are particularly wild, compared to our other students, and don’t listen to a thing we say….that’s the class where before, the boy stabbed me with a pencil and draw all over the table and screamed and scratched me. So this Wednesday I had to teach them, and I worked hard to prepare a new method of control.

Two pieces of yellow paper with happy faces and their names: if they did something good, I’d give them a stamp. (ink stamp) If they did something bad….

…..this was the twist. Instead of punishing the boy (he didn’t care, because I had no power to punish him), I would turn and focus on the other kid, (usually the girl), ask her something in English. When she would respond in English (because she wanted a stamp), I would give it to her and NOT THE BOY. THEN the boy was like, “Where’s my stamp!?!?!” and I’d say, “Well, you’re being bad” (which he couldn’t understand the English) BUT he IMMEDIATELY copied the girl and tried to do what I said, to get the stamp.

HAHAHAHAHA I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is why all kids teachers should take a child’s psychology class before getting in the classrooms!!! @_@; Too bad my company doesn’t provide such a class.

And I made lots of additional activities, such as coloring donuts. I like donuts just as much as the next guy, but I really exaggerated for their sake, shouting ‘YAY DONUTS! Donuts donuts donuts!” and then girl said in Japanese, “Oh, teacher, you like donuts? I’ll give you mine!” And she did. SO CUTE and I’m so happy! 😀 It represents my triumph with their management.

On Thursday, I went to morning training and saw Steve again 😀 Training was fun.
I translated Japanese stuff (interviews, etc) for Brittany literally all afternoon, sprinkling in One Piece episodes in between when my brain froze.


I slept a long time that night, but was still tired on Friday. I went to work in the afternoon, and then training at night! I met my sempai (mentor-type fellow) Goto-san! 😀 He only goes to Friday classes, but the last few times he didn’t go, and I can’t always go. He always teaches me stuff about culture and Japanese and he’s hilarious. XD <3 So that was super fun.

We did striking and he wasn’t hitting me, so I jumped on his back to pretend to choke him. He called me a brat. XD Hahaha <3 <3 I think we get along because we are both unique souls. ;P I also did GnP drills with Ishikawa-san, that Katsumura-san taught us. SO GOOD. u_U Except at the very end, my hair got tangled in this guy's head gear and it took 10 minutes and scissors to get out. ;_; Niitama-chan is helping me. (click to enlarge)

Saturday was super busy, plus the kid’s Christmas party. I had a rough night and only slept 4 hours, so I was like a zombie the whole day, and really had to dig deep to get through the party. I had to organize the whole thing because my boss wouldn’t give me meetings with the other teachers. u_U I know it’s hard to schedule all that (*sings and all that jazz*)

(click to Enlarge)
I’m smiling, but I’m actually deliriously tired, and thinking, ‘YEAH it’s OVER! and now I have to go train for my fight! LOL”
Anyway, I think it worked out, other than the craft taking longer than expected, and I didn’t make enough photocopies of presents.

THEN I WENT TO TRAINING, and met Duane, who was visiting our dojo! We held mitts for each other.

Then I went home and meant to go to bed earlier than 11, but I got carried away text messaging with Brittany and watching One Piece while icing my hurting body parts.

This blog is really long and I bet nobody read the whole thing. LOL!!!…