Children reflect human nature

If someone gets in your face, like touching your body, what is your first reaction?

Push them away. What will you do? Maybe step back, maybe say “excuse me!” maybe punch them, maybe swallow and do nothing, right? It depends.

If a 4 year old is in another 4 year old’s way, I am 100% convinced they will give them a shove. They kept shoving each other today, and one kid got hurt. -_-; We are trained not to be so violent, as adults.

Today, my day-care kids made me think a lot. It was a rough two lessons. In the first, TWO kids just would NOT stop crying. One boy was crying and screaming and hitting himself on the head?! I was like, “Holy sh*t, is he okay?! Is he disturbed?!” He’s always had problems in the past, where he’d go sit in a corner and cry if the teacher tried to drag him out. A Facebook friend suggested he has autism…. yeah. I think so.

And if someone pisses you off, you want to smack them, right? Kids have no inhibitions. Until they’re trained that you can’t go around smacking people. It’s our job my job to teach them this.

And how can I get mad if *I* get smacked? Or groped? I mean, they don’t have common sense yet because we haven’t instilled it in them yet.

Observing their behavior really made me think today.

Children reflect pure human nature before they are molded by the society they live in.

You want something? Make noise and try to get it. You’re mad, you lash out. It’s not like these things go away as adults. We are trained in certain ways to deal with our own nature.

We also must learn to deal with how other people deal with things. It’s all very fascinating. I think one way of being considerate to our fellow man is to realize how our own behavior effects others. If I gave one kid a turn, everyone else wants a turn, and they cry if they can’t have it. Of course adults feel this way, too! But they may justify it to try and make themselves believe it doesn’t bother them. “I didn’t want it anyway.” or “That person is a jerk, whatever.”

That is higher level thinking that children are physically incapable of until a certain age.

Seriously, we learn so much about our nature by watching children. Don’t you think?…