the “free hugs” guy in Kawasaki

Last Saturday evening, I was walking through Kawasaki, and I passed this guy holding this sign.

“Oh, weird,” I thought, “this dude is holding a ‘free hugs sign.” and kept walking.

Then I did a double take. Wait, WHAT? WHY?!? Does he actually expect someone to hug him? Does he want to fondle women? Is he hentai? A pervert? WHAT IS HIS STORY?

Let’s talk to him 😀

I stopped a few feet away, out of hugging distance.
Roxy: Good evening.
Guy: Good evening! :]
Roxy: Why do you have a ‘free hugs sign?’
guy: I’m giving free hugs!
Roxy: Why? :]
Guy: Well! *tucks the sign under his arm and fumbles in his pocket.* I’m an artist!
Roxy: Uh….I see. ^_^;

Guy: I’m collecting hugs! See, I have this counter (showed me a thing that you click a button and it registers a number) and I want to get 10,000 hugs!
Roxy: But why?
Guy: I’m traveling the world. I love traveling! I feel like if I get hugs from everybody, I can get more power, and I can get it out of me.
Roxy: Get what out?
Guy: Get out what I have to say! I can speak my mind! Except I can’t speak English…hey your Japanese is pretty good!
Roxy: Oh thanks.
Guy: Teach me English! My name is Takuro Sakuma.
Roxy: uh huh ^_^;; hahahaha……
Takuro: It’s so hard to travel the world if I can’t talk to people…I try to study on my own at home, but you know…
Roxy: yeah, it’s hard…Do you make a living from your art?
Takuro: Oh no, not yet, I have to still work…

He was a SUPER NICE GUY. I didn’t get a weird vibe from him other than slight eccentricity, so I gave him a hug. 😀

Takuro: You can click the button! It’s only one click my button once per person, so please tell your friends! :}
Roxy: LOL Sure, I’ll advertise for you.

So if any of you guys happen to be in Kawasaki or somewhere an see a dude holding up a ‘free hugs’ sign, go ahead and give him a hug! 😀 What an interesting fellow…

his blog with lots of pictures of free hugs lol