my lost fantasy novel- rediscovered

I was looking through a box for my old Japanese text book, when I stumbled upon an old, beaten-up notebook. I opened it and read this passage, in my hasty messy handwriting:

“May Fortune kiss your cheek,” Katheela said. “Please enter and take rest.” She then slowly inclined her head. “He’s dead,” she added calmly. A smile flickered across her lips, as if she was trying to show she had long ago come to terms with her husband’s departure from this world, but she could not keep the wistfulness from creeping into her steady voice.
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Cathara said.
“Thank you, dear. Fortune kisses us each in life and embraces us in death.”
“Mmmmm.” Janeth made a noice, and Cathara guessed it was more from contemplation than understanding.
“We are searching for creatures called ‘snow fairies,'” Janeth blurted out suddenly.
Oakenfield shook his head.
“If you seek fairies who live in the snow, then shouldn’t some place colder you go?” Katheela’s eyes twinkled and her smile returned, genuine this time.
“We are headed north, good mother,” Exaria suddenly spoke up. “Will you honor our footsteps with the wisdom of future passing?”

At first, for the life of me, I had no idea what this was. I flipped through pages, saw the name “Rajala” and then remembered! “Fire and Red.” I spent years and years writing it, from when I was in middle school! You know, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I think I just stumbled across a notebook full of chapters.

I hope my autobiography gets published. Someone is considering me now. After that, I think I’ll return to this novel and make it my next writing project. I really love that story……