My next fight is set in Jewels!

My next fight is set.

On December 15th, I’m fighting Shizuka Sugiyama in Jewels.

I’m really excited!

Next November next year will mark my 10th anniversary of fighting! (That means this is my 9th) My record is 15 wins 10 losses.

Actually, after my last fight in March, I was pretty disillusioned with MMA. I had injured myself, and I lost to my rival. I hate striking, and I wanted to stop doing it- maybe if I fought again I’d just not throw a punch and go straight for a take-down. *laugh* But that wouldn’t work, would it?

I was lost. As a fighter.

Then from June I officially joined Reversal Gym Yokohama “Groundslam.” I’d been going on and off as a visitor to participate in morning pro sparring, but in June I officially joined. For a fighter, choosing a gym is kind of like ‘getting married.’ For me, anyway, it carries the same deep meaning. Katsumura-san and BJ-san became my main instructors, and everyone at the gym welcomed me warmly.

In this fight, I want to execute the techniques and moves that Katsumura-san and BJ-san taught me. They are my heroes. Thanks to them and my training partners, I feel that I’ve improved.

Strongly, solidly, I want to prove that I can do them. As is often the case, I might NOT be able to show everything that I learned. But being able to do it this time means everything to me!


Two fighters both are fighting as hard as they can, so that’s what makes it interesting for viewers, right? That’s MMA. MMA is really rough! But it’s also the best thing ever!

I only want to do what Katsumura-san and BJ-san taught me. If I can do it, I know I will win.

Thanks for your support!

If you’d like to purchase tickets through me, shoot me an email! I’ll give you a free Happy Warrior fan. basilisk875(at)

Jewels 22nd Ring
Location: Differ Ariake
Doors open 2:30, fights start at 3:00
tickets VIP: 10,000 RingSide 7,000, A seat 5,000 yen. At the door, plus extra 500…