What do fightergirl friends really consist of?

Someone might ask me, “So what did you and your friend do today?”

I could answer, “Well, first I almost ripped her arm off. Then she punched me in the eye and gave me a bloody lip. Then, I almost busted her nose open. After that, we iced each other’s body injured body parts, and finally went for ice cream. Yeah, we get along really well!”

I’ve been living in Japan for about seven years. I have some Japanese friends, and friends from other countries, including the US. I’ve never hung out with an American female friend so much recently until Brittany Decker. 🙂

I can really feel “American” when I’m around her. We remember the same TV shows and references to our country. Our personalities are so different, but she’s fun to be around. We never quarrel, but we fight all the time. ^_^ She understands me!!

I wonder what people would think if they overheard our conversation:
Roxy: I get so mad when guys won’t try and punch me.
Brit: I know! It’s so frustrating!
Roxy: I like so-and-so, and he beaned me really hard last night.
Brit: yeah, he always goes kind of hard, but not too hard, you know? Last night I was sparring with so-and-so and he went hard. I kind of appreciate it, you know?
Roxy: Yeah. I always try and go with so-and-so because he actually aims for my face. He kicked me in the head the other day, and instead of getting mad, I was happy. Now I can judge distance better.


I often get frustrated with myself if I can’t understand a move immediately, but not when I’m practicing with her.

This is my ode of friendship to you, Brittany! 😀

/end mushy friendship blog

We are happy love and smile girl 😀