hit people, get hit on

I managed to make it to training on Friday evening! It was great! I got in just as everyone was ending multiple rounds of group push-ups. “Damn, I didn’t make it in time!” I said, joking (as if I wanted to do push-ups), and everybody laughed.

I then joined in grappling sparring, and later, technique with Katsumura-san and Brittany. I was embarrassed because I forget one of the moves he taught me. -_- I worked a bit with this new girl.

Okay, speaking of new, I FIRMLY firmly believe that instructors should NOT teach submission finalizing techniques to someone on their first day. I believe in teaching possition, and doing some possition resistance sparring only. This is because they don’t know their own strength, and are not used to the limits of their and other people’s bodies.

Many people disagree with me. I’ve heard, “People think it’s so cool to walk away having learned a submission on their first day!”

I say, this isn’t a fast food McDojo. If you wanna learn, COME BACK next time. It’s risky for other people. I don’t wanna spar with someone with submission locks on their first day EVER. And you gotta make sure you tell people ALL The rules, i.e. no slams, no cranking stuff, give people a chance to tap, etc.

Saturday was work, but not too strenuous. The other day I had a feedback session with my boss (I.e. he listened to my lesson). He said this: “I evaluate teachers on the way they instruct, rather than how the student performs, so it’s fair. You could have presented everything beautifully, but the student would be like, “huh?” Or they could speak perfectly, but you could have them in a headlock forcing it out of them. What then?!”

<-- best line EVER!!!! My boss is so great. u_U He knows how to communicate with me. lol I went home after work and went to bed early on Saturday....and on Sunday, my plans didn't materialize with Brittany, so I went to Kozo's restaurant and ate yummy fish and salad and enjoyed conversation with him and his part-time worker. I had gone early, so I was the only customer there. Two older gentlemen entered as I was on my last dish. I could have sworn I heard someone say "kawaii." which means "Cuttie," as they sat down nearby. A minute later, I heard, "Hello, miss!" I slowly turned my head, and one guy was resting his chin on his hands, gazing at me. Could you be more obvious? lol Of course I had to mess with him a little. Roxy: Hi! 😀 man: Hello. Where are you from? Roxy: Oh wow, you speak English! man: A little! Roxy: I'm from Massachusetts. Where are you from? Man: Hahahaa Japan! Roxy: I see! Man: Do you often come here? Roxy: Once a month. Do you often come here? Man: About the same! Roxy: GREAT! 😀 So why do you speak English so well? Man: I was Marines...... on a boat. Roxy: Oh, what kind of fish did you catch? Man: No, no, no! etc. Nice guy, and after a few more questions, I think he gave up and went back to chatting quietly with his pal. 😀 Then when I screamed, "Ice cream, mou iccho!" which means "One more ice cream!" (but the phrase is ONLY used for beer) he and his friend burst out laughing. Hahahaha That was amusing. I hope I get to train hard and long this week! …