Day from Hell ended with Tacos

First of all, my boss had bribed me/blackmailed me into working overtime, using scheduling requests. u_u My weekend is already really long and hard enough, and I can barely get through training after work. Well, he always does so much for me (much more flexible and accommodating than my former boss) so I acquiesced.
BUT I got three kids classes in a row….it’s hard. By the last one, I told the adorable 7 year old, “Fine, if you wanna keep smacking yourself in the face with the flash card, GO RIGHT AHEAD and amuse yourself, I’ll just sit here and sing happy songs to myself. -o-;;; Twinkle Twinkle little star!”

I really told him that, too. I don’t think he understood, though, little bugger. <3 I love him, though.... at least he wasn't STABBING ME WITH A PENCIL like my Wednesday kid... --; or biting the table like my other Wednesday kid. Looks like Wednesdays are those magical days... Anyway work ended and I wanted to collapse. ....scarfed down rice and fish and a chestnut manju and headed to Groundslam.... The second I got there, I ranted full force to Brittany about my day. LOL Thanks, love. Haha the Japanese were ALL silent watching Shooto on the video, so my voice was like 'BLAH BLAH BLAH" loud annoying American. ^^;; I felt so much better after that. Then we proceeded to do all kinds of certain striking moves...I am NOT good at those particular ones. For MMA, I just adapt by doing grappling stuff, but no, we had to. I sucked SO bad. It was SO frustrating I wanted to cry. BJ-san taught another thing I already decided not to put into my arsenal and I ended up being able to do it 0% of the time. I already had zero self esteem at this point? So then we sparred and I went hard and it wasn't too bad. This guy gave me a bloody nose because he hit so hard... well at least he tried to hit me, so I was happy about that. YAY THANKS! 😀 I'm not joking, I was pleased. And half insane at that point. The super nice guy who pissed me off the other day was there, but I chatted with him and made up. I can't stay mad at him. *_*; He's too friendly. I just won't spar him. THEN BJ-san had us do this wrestling move I'm SO BAD at! ;_; I already decided not to make them part of my fighting style. WHY was EVERYTHING NOT my day!! So I worked with Honda-san and he taught me a few take-downs. Then we sparred stand wrestling and didn't do so well. I felt like couldn't do anything!!! And then and then and then!!!! I used the magical genius technique that Katsumura-san taught us on Wednesday! I used it in live sparring!! YAAAAAAAAAY I was laughing and then crying and ridiculously happy and accomplished, but upset I couldn't do anything else. I snapped and leaned up against the wall, not sure where I was. I have no idea what everyone else thought of me, but I didn't care. That move is going to save me in a real fight. I emailed Katsumura-san just now, "I failed at everything else but I GOT YOUR MOVE" and he was like, "That's the most important thing!!! I'm happy!" I just stopped training after that. There was only like ten minutes left. I just chatted with Brittany and the new Kempo girl Akashi-san. Then BJ-san announced that Brittany brought Tacos from Taco Bell on the military base. I wasn't going to eat any...but then thought...IT'S FREAKING TACO BELL!!!! XD~~ So I had TWO !!!! YAY TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got Honda-san (red shirt) and Taneuchi-san to pose with me! XD Hah what a pose!
I’m wearing my new Josh Barnett T-shirt I ordered! It’s cool.

What a day. ;_;…