work’n for a living

I’ve been sleeping very poorly again lately. Well, I’ve been getting 5 hours, only by going to bed at 10 and waking up at 3. ;_; My shoulder has been killing me.

I saw Prometheus in the theaters! I loved it! Although I closed my eyes sometimes when people got brutally killed. 🙁 I can’t stomach that. But on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it an 8.

I saw Batman: Dark Knight (the previous one) that my boss lent me. I don’t think I’ll spend the money to see the new one in the theater.

I was irritated all weekend. It was work. Just certain lessons I taught. 🙁 Usually we have a mix of high levels and low levels, but I don’t think I taught a single high level. We can’t really have a conversation. Lots of repeating myself, trying to figure out how to simplify easy sentences even more, struggling with material above student’s heads…whatever, I shouldn’t complain. It could have been so much harder. I only taught one kids class.

Saturday, I really wanted to train with Sharp, a fellow who visited my gym, but my shoulder was too hurt. ~_~; I just went and jumped rope and ran stairs.

By the end of Sunday, I just wanted out of the office. I just wanted sleep. But I had to go to a meeting in Tokyo. Very productive. But it went an hour overtime. Come on, guys…

Well, I hope I can sparring AND the technique class tomorrow. …