“You did well,” he said

I had a pretty good training session on Wednesday. My wrist was hurting SO SO much, to the point I couldn’t bend it without it killing. But I taped that sucker up and did my best. We worked on, oops I can’t tell, cuz I want it to be one of my hissatsu-waza. XD On Monday I got my first hissatsu-waza! Psyched. Katsumura-san complimented me and said that I’m really getting the hang of the new style he’s teaching me, and he’s so happy, too.

Wednesday I only sparred a little bit, but did well. Lots of technique training. I really love what Katsumura-san is teaching us. Speaking of that, he remembers all the English words I teach him. He even remembered to ‘bless me’ when I sneezed. I was so happy. lol He is REALLY soaking up the Englsh I’m teaching like a sponge. It’s remarkable.

Wednesday evening was a little stressful because I almost didn’t make it to my lesson (work) on time in Shin-Yokohama because the trains are really confusing and leave from different tracks in Higashi Kanagawa. X_X Damn trains, and I’m a train veteran, too! Another teacher missed the train recently and I had to cover. ~_~ They should STOP sending us to different schools with only enough time to get there if catch all the connections perfectly. Stupid company rule.

Anyway. Thursday, I sparred a bunch of rounds of MMA with Celine, and one with Yoshino-san before I called it quits because of various pain. My body hates me. I was intending to do the technique class, too, but decided not to. 🙁

I was walking past BJ-san, sitting and stretching after class.
“You know, Roxanne, your ABC technique has really improved. You’re not doing this and that anymore, you’re doing this well.”

He gave me a thumbs up!!! 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy! I was grinning from ear to ear. XD

Omigawa-san posted this pic he got one of the beginner class’s guys to take. Of course, I am not as talented as everyone else. But I have to believe that I will become champion one day.

How many people in this pic can you recognize? …