in love :D <3

We hvae a group of two little kids, a boy and a girl, maybe almost five, or just turned five. They just want to play and chatter away in Japanese, so it’s challenging to teach them, to say the least.

I’ve fallen in love with the boy, R-kun. He’s mischievous and does the opposite of what I say sometimes. 🙁

BUT HE’S SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE and his little SMILE is so endearing and adorable, and his LAUGH is so cute, I just want to hug and tickle him to make him laugh ;__; It’s really quite sad…. LOL Of course, I have to discipline him when necessary. 🙁

So yesterday he took a private lesson instead of in the group, and did really well! He tried to repeat my English, for the most part, and even wrote his ABCs! Wow!! 😀 So I praised him a lot and gave him two big stickers of monkeys. XD I told his mom and praised him to her.

Mom: (to son, in Japanese) Oh, the teacher praised you! She said you were very good!
R-kun: Was I a good boy?
Mom: Yes 😀
R-kun: 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxy: 😀
R-kun: Where’s my friend? *Rush off to the next room where his other classmate was also taking a private lesson* “Hey, I was a good boy today!”
girl: Me, too! I got three stickers! How many did you get?
R-kun: I got two..
girl: 😀 😀 I got more than you!
R-kun: …….
Roxy: ;__; but they were big ones….…