bra adventures (pic)

I am not like other Japanese women in any way, shape or size. Indeed, the only women’s clothes I can buy here are socks (which are always too small), and the occasional business shirt in XL. Forget about pants and shoes. That’s why I Tweet pics of me in new business shirts cuz I’m like “Hallelujah I found one!!! I always buy mens T-shirts, sports shorts, and fight clothes.

So unfortunately, I realized needed to add another sports bra to my stock.

I went to a regular department store and asked about sports bras. The nice lady showed me the section. They were….NOT supportive looking, at all. I noticed a label that said, “Sports: walking woman!”

So Japanese women’s “sports” is walking. Way to go, Japan. -_-;
Next, I went to a more major sports store and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has padding and stuff to make a shape.

1) I don’t want nor need padding
2) I don’t want my boobs to stick out. I’m sorry, but I’m exercising. I don’t want sticking-out boobs. I want flat-ish. Question to other ladies: do you want your boobs to stick out when you’re trying to exercise/train? (men are not allowed to comment on this question 😉

They already get in the way of grappling on occasion, as Brittany and I discovered. My aunt lovingly named them, “The Girls.”

So actually two weeks ago, I’d FOUND ONE at this sports store in Kawasaki, woooo, for like fifty bucks, @_@;; but I bought that sucker so fast. I went back today and there were like NO LARGES in the style that looked remotely supportive. WTF I am not “THAT” heavily endowed so it should not be a big issue, and that is the only major sports store in the area that acknowledges women do sports that involve some kind of effort. lol

a “big” issue. hahaha

LMAO I’m having lots of fun writing this blog. XD

And here’s the pic!

You didn’t actually think I’d post a picture of ME in the bra, did you? XD (I was considering it) Maybe if somebody begs me….Nah, you guys love me for my witty corny sense of humor and blunt honesty, instead. I just know it!! XD (how many of you scrolled down FIRST to see the pic, before reading this whole blog entry? XD) Now go back and read my blog! :D

It’s Underarmor and has a violet-colored logo on the front. Or maybe it’s light red. A very very light red. Or violet red….Of course I wouldn’t get pink. Never pink…. :O…