Ocean Day pt 2: Anti-nuclear Rally &Yukinko vids

So I mentioned Yukinko Akira the other day: here are some vids and pics I compiled to make this video!

Next, is the video I took when I walked into an anti-nuclear power plant rally in Harakuku on Monday.

You know, there are big debates as to whether nuclear power is necessary in Japan or not. Some people, mainly businesses, argue that in the summer, businesses need electric power to run air conditioning and allow people to do their jobs. Shops suffer if customers don’t go into them, and they can’t run their machines, etc.

You know what I have to say to this?
Seriously, people can be so hypocritical and illogical. I was sitting in a cafe with huge ceiling-high windows, and the lights were on overhead. WE DON’T NEED THEM. If they turned them off, we wouldn’t even notice! Overhead lights were on over the train-station platforms in broad daylight. How useful are they? There are thousands of vending machines lined up right next to each other. HOW USEFUL AND EFFICIENT IS THAT?!~ Indoor toilet seats are HEATED in the SUMMER? And the lid raises automatically up and down if someone goes into the stall. UNNEEDED. The open air kiosks (i.e. no walls) have an air conditioner that blows air onto the staff members, but of course, it goes right out into the scorching outside immediately. A fan would be better. (I know their jobs sucks, sorry, but I got so angry feeling the air conditioning wafting out onto me when I went to buy some gum). No doors on refrigerators in any store. Lights are always on in unneeded rooms.

USE SOME FREAKING COMMON SENSE, PEOPLE. If actual common sense were applied, we in Japan could conserve so much energy and totally be able to do without it. BUT NO. *I* and other teachers and office workers have to suffer in 85 degrees our classrooms with windows that DON’T OPEN because electricity is being pointlessly wasted in other places where it could EASILY- FREAKING EASILY- be conserved.

I’m upset about this…it kills me to observe this. Am I the only one with common sense around here? I’m trying so hard not to rant about it daily. I’ve said a few things to some shop keepers and attendants and I get “hoo-ing” and “humming.” WTF PEOPLE. It’S OBVIOUS I’m RIGHT, but NOBODY wants to take responsibility for it. I can see it in their eyes! THEY KNOW I’M RIGHT AND YET THEY JUST SAY “That’s the rule.” WTF-ING F. < rrrrrr I should go join the next rally. …