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Last week was a turbulent but productive week!

Training was hard and good. Monday I had a higher work-load than usual by adding a jiujitsu private lesson with Jerry Shapiro, who is a black belt at Cobra Kai and comes to Syndicate to train MMA. He’s fighting one week before me in July so I was hesitant to bother him, but I asked him if he could roll with me a bit before MMA class and give me advice.

I’m kind of struggling with what direction I should take to improve my sport jiujitsu game. Mike Pyle is my MMA jiujitsu trainer and I’m very happy with his guidance, but I KNOW I have holes in my game when I roll in the gi at Dunham’s. One of my blue belt friends is constantly berinbolo-ing me and getting me in reverse triangle from the back. lol *coughCharliecough* I am getting better at foiling it, but still. I know can do even better! Every time I go to Dunham’s jiujitsu classes, I feel like I level up a bit, but I can only get over there once a week, twice if I’m not training for a fight. It’s frustrating because I KNOW I can’t prioritize my jiujitsu game now. Haha those of you reading my blog know I rant about this a lot. Sorry. But that’s why you read my blog, to know what I’m thinking and doing, and to find out my hopes and desires!

We have Vinny’s team at Syndicate now, but I’m attached to my other training partners. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Last month we gave a lot of kids stripes, and it made me think about myself. I don’t really need or desire stripes or a promotion yet (I am not ready for a black belt), but it makes me think, you know? I’m only human.

Jerry shared some great guard passing things, grip breaks, and tips with me. I loved it! Thanks, Jerry.

I did a seminar at College Park MMA in Maryland last year and met an awesome girl named Cat. I invited her to come train with me someday and she took me up on my offer! She’s staying with me for five days and it’s been fun having her around. She helped me teach kids classes, drills jiujitsu with me (she’s a purple belt), and did MMA class with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

me, Serena, and Cat after MMA

So I got asked SUPER last minute to substitute teach for the kids Muay Thai class on Thursday! The 5:00 class can be hard to handle since they’re not laying down doing jiujitsu, and little kids tend to run around a lot for no logical reason at all. I Googled “Kids Muay Thai Games” and used my own creativity and common sense to come up with a great lesson plan. One game was freeze tag! Cat, who helped me (THANK YOU) or I chased the kids and bonked them with the pool noodle. They had to do two roundhouse kicks to the noodle, and then they were frozen until a classmate crawled under their legs. THEY LOVED IT and asked to do two rounds! I embedded the short video. You can hear squeals of glee. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hah. I think I’ve rewatched this 13 second clip like 30 times just because it makes me happy.

I’m thankful Cat helped, and enjoyed going out for dinner with her and Serena.

This weekend was also Coach John’s surprise birthday party!

That was a lot of fun. We surprised him! ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh, most importantly, I found out that my opponent got switcherooed. At first I was bummed I wouldn’t get to fight Liz, who I’ve been training for, and smack talking, but then they offered me a rematch against Jennifer Maia! I had previously lost to her in an Invicta Title fight by split decision about three years ago. I had just started working with Lorenzo then, so now I will definitely be stronger after having three full years under him. I also improved a lot. I can’t wait! I’m so grateful to the UFC for letting me stay on the same fight card and finding me another opponent. I’m four weeks out from the fight!

I cosplayed at She-Ra, and John, He-man!

Maia is ranked number 8. Finally! I’ve been following her and cheering for her to win so she could climb the ranks and have it make sense for us to fight again! ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s pretty cool. I follow her on instagram. I’m not sure how I can smack talk her! dang it. I’ll have to think hard.

I could say more about this week, but it’s just training stuff. I’ve been learning a lot and improving a lot, and I’m excited to continue next week. I feel like I’m in great shape but I’m going to keep pushing!

Hmm what else is going on. OH, this fighter named “Savage” Jay Perrin visited Syndicate from my former gym, Sityodtong in Boston, and JUST HAPPENED to wear a Vegeta rash guard from “Just Saiyan Gear!” He’s so cool.

I sparred him and it was epic. I wish we could have sparred again or hung out or something! hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Jeslen took the pic and vids

Are you not entertained?!?!?

This is Vegeta, FYI

Let’s see…. I finished watching The 100 season 5 finale! EPIC! omg I thought the season was over, but NO! There’s a season 6! Okay cool. I’ll watch.

I’m watching Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2, and LEVI IS SUCH A BAD-@$$!!!! <3 He’s my fav character. And talk about having to make hard decisions! If there was ever a fantasy world I DO NOT want to live in, it’s Attack on Titan.