Where could I be, where will I be?

My shoulder hurt a lot, so I wondered if I’d be able to train. I went to Groundslam anyway.

Nobody else showed up. Katsumura’s injured, so he’s been teaching verbally only. I kind of wanted a work-out, but I wasn’t too disappointed cuz I was worrying about my shoulder. I just did shadow-boxing. And Katsumura-san watched. And that made me embarrassed. ^^;; Because I’m not so good… he told me to imagine that I was circling around an opponent. I knew this…

I did it more and we started chatting about various techniques.

He described his strategy and style. He showed me how he moves. He showed me the arm motions. I watched him, eyes riveted, taking in the exact position of his hands, shoulders, head movement. I can close my eyes and see it now.

And I got it.

I just got it! I mean, it went into my brain! I don’t know if I can pull it off in sparring, but it made total sense to me.

I’ve had lots of coaches over the years. Do you know how many times I’ve had conversations like this?
Coach: Do it like this.
Roxy: like this?
Coach: No, not that.
Roxy: But I’m doing it like you.
Coach: No, it’s different.
Roxy: Really? How is it different?
Coach: You are doing THIS. Do it like THIS.
Roxy: …….. those two looked EXACTLY THE SAME.

Either I literally couldn’t understand the movement, or I had the image in my mind but couldn’t physically do it…it is the weirdest thing. It really is. Other people got it! They’re not bad coaches! So…what is going on here?

We talked a lot. He told me that it’s easy to teach me since we have a similar body-type, and we tend to be good at similar things. I found the same went with me and K-Taro-san, when I used to be with Keishukai.

I didn’t really break too much of a sweat, but this was an amazing class for me.

I wanted to cry, I’m so happy.

I can’t WAIT to go to my next training. I can’t WAIT to spar. I’m DYING to walk through the Groundslam gym doors. When is it tomorrow?

I FIRMLY BELIEVE I can improve rise to the top of my weight class rankings.…