what a frustrating morning, ending with nice training

I’ll make this quick.

Today I left my apartment at 7:20 AM. I had to take the train and a bus (buses make me nervous I’ll get lost) to this hospital.

I waited from 8:30 AM (opening time- people were already lined up!) to 11:45 AM! I was so close to crying. I didn’t know if I could catch the bus to make it back to work in time!! @_@; My lesson started at 1:45. Finally I met the doctor and told him I wanted to do a sleep study, and he goes, “Oh we don’t do that here.”

WTFFFFFffffffffffffffff So why did I waste my whole morning? I went there because there was a doctor who gave me my sleeping medicine before. I told him I didn’t want any more medicine, but I wanted a sleep study. He said they’re not popular here in Japan? Then he said that if I came back in August, the doctor I saw last time might be able to lend me some machine to do it myself at home?

huh? -_-; So I said “yes yes fine” and made an appointment for August 2nd, but I’m gonna look for another place.

I ran down the hall. I HAD to catch the bus at 12:25 or else there’d be big trouble. It was 12:15 and the paying process took time. I submitted my receipt and then the lady gave me my bill. It was 2,000 yen plus 3,500 yen extra charge for a first-time fee.

Uh, It wasn’t my first time. “Excuse me,” I said, glancing at my watch. 12:19. “Why are you charging me this much if I’ve been here before?”
“Because one year has passed since you last came, so we charge again.”
I don’t fsking think so. I don’t think I should have to pay that ! That’s ridiculous. I had NO idea how to say that in Japanese, so I stood there spluttering and staring at her. I said basically, “Um, well , I don’t think, this is uh, but why do I have to pay?” and she explained again. I made no move to reach for my purse. She said, “Lemme go ask…” and she confirmed with someone. 12:22!!! holy sh*t….I was thinking to just pay it. She came back. “Over 6 months has passed…”
“It’s difficult for me to pay! And I have to catch my bus!!” I almost cried.
“Fine, I’ll change it just this once…” she said. Thank you. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for it. I DASHED and caught the bus. -_-

Then I calculated that I had exactly 10 minutes to get from my home station to my apartment, throw on my work clothes, throw training gear in my bag, run back to the station, and catch my train to work. I did it! @_@; managing to scarf down a rice ball on the platform. I was cursing the Japanese health care hospital system the entire time. Then I had to run as HARD AS I COULD from the train station to my office. I JUST MADE MY lesson. My back is going to hurt MORE from running. I hope not….

I was so unhappy. -_-; My students were nice, though, and I had fun with a kid’s class. Then I went to training! 😀 BJ gave me lots of good advice. I can try a few things about striking. So I didn’t train too hard- my back is killing me. -_-; But it was worth going. I also got to chat with Goto-san, a guy I made friends with who only goes on Friday.

Then I talked to my manager, and now it’s 11:40 and I better wake up to my alarm at 5:15 AM!! I want sleep! I’m gonna take the day off from training tomorrow. I wanna watch Happy Feet. XD

I guess I had to have a less than perfect day to balance out the extreme joy of the Barbecue I had yesterday!!!
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