awesome day!!! XD and awesome music

Yesterday was insane! XD Insanely AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!

I went to Ground Slam in the morning. It was a small class, but I’m starting to like it like that. First we hit mitts. I held for this one guy, and when it came time to switch, Katsumura-san, the instructor, had him go hit the heavy bag, and HE held mitts for me! 😀 Yay attention from the instructor! He taught me this different way to punch that I’d never done before. I LIKE IT! It’s like Luffy’s “Rubber Pistol~!” in One Piece. We are both One Piece fans, btw. He didn’t call it that, but I do. hah Another ‘super’ technique for me, hehee. So then he taught us his special “Ninja Choke.” SO FREAKING COOL. And lots of set ups to get there. I guess like anything, you have to choose which techniques seem to fit you and your style.

I also got my hissatsu-waza! XD So happy to be meeting my goal of getting it at least once per training session. But I still have to get a top-level pro with it…that would be amazing. I almost got the ninja choke in sparring, but not quite ! Katsumura-san said, “Well, it took me 2 years to get it perfect, so don’t expect to get it immediately!”

I was so happy. I AM so happy.

So then I went home, relaxed, watched an ep of One Piece, and went to work. I taught our beloved, most “challenging” kids group- two 4/5 year olds. They: threw pencils and books, stood on chairs, wouldn’t sit down, colored on each other’s books, spoke too much in Japanese, tried to color on my pants with colored pencils, tried to climb up my leg and hang off my shirt…. ug. I had to threaten to send them home, and then they stopped for a minute. I SHOULD HAVE sent them out of the room. But they stopped at just the right moment, so I continued with the lesson. Gosh….I should have, which would have shown I was serious. -_- I even made a mean face, though!

Anyway, I was so high on life that that class brought me down to ‘average’ mood. lol Then I taught adults and got an excellent student feedback!!!! XD SO HAPPY!! XD

And I’m awesome. XD LMAO