I watched Megumi vs JAG& a translation

I watched Jessica Aguilar vs Megumi Fujii. It was a fantastic fight and very exciting and entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. You could say that a fight isn’t truly won until someone KO-s the person, or gets a submission. That’s truly winning a fight. In the ZST organization in Japan, if someone didn’t win decisively, it was considered a draw. I kind of like that way.

Well…I tried to watch it without being biased that Megumi is my friend. I really like JAG and I’ve met her and chatted with her, and have known her online for quite some time.

I really respect both fighters.
I do think that Megumi won the first and last round, thus winning the fight. Jessica was landing accurate counter-punches, but Megumi was pushing the action. I don’t see how the judges didn’t give her the first round because she was pushing, pushing, and even got a take down. I liked Jessica’s arm bar attempt in the second round, and also Megumi’s. Masterful escapes by both of them. I think Megumi’s aggressiveness should have let her take the first round, and her dominance on the ground let her take the third round, and maybe Jessica’s accurate counters give her the second round?

I’m not a judge. That’s just my opinion. Congratulations to both fighters for an awesome fight. I’m really bummed out for Megumi. -_- I hate to say it because I like Jessica so much and I really don’t like commenting on other people’s fights, because I’m a fighter myself. We all put our heart and souls into a fight. I want people to NOT forget that. I never call a fight ‘boring’ or ‘horrible’ because someone’s soul is on the line out there. Please DO NOT forget that, guys.

I’m going to try and translate some blogs. Gotta go to training, so first a short one:

Abe-san (Hiroyuki Abe, AACC owner and Megumi’s cornerman/coach, posted this on his Facebook):

I made a list of some random thoughts:

-People can learn more from losses than wins.
-People who can’t bring together heart, body and technique can’t truly become strong.
-Strength shown in a victory or defeat isn’t in proportion to a person’s actual strength.
-I wonder why, out of the three ‘heart, body and technique,’ the person’s ‘heart’ comes first.
-I’m thinking about what things we learn through martial arts.
-Rather than making ourselves evolve, going “deeper” is more important and essential.
-To continue or to stop doing something is entirely someone’s own personal decision and responsibility.
-Parents have heavy responsibility, children have great potential.