hanging out and training with Alex

Today I went to Kawasaki Daishi with Alex. I showed her the shrine, customs surrounding that, and we went to my favorite sembei shop. We ran into my co-worker Mika 😀 That was fun. Then Alex went off sight-seeing and I went to work a little early. I read my “Wheel of Time” book a bit. We had a workshop about ‘listening activities,’ and then I taught three lessons. After that, I ran to the AACC and sparred. It was my first time in a week to train because of my shoulder, and I was nervous about my knee, but no time for that! I sparred Akano-san, and then Megumi, Ana, and Alex. I really enjoyed sparring with Alex- we did take-downs, take-down defenses, MMA, and kickboxing. 🙂 She’s so quick and fast! I got bruises on my chest from where Megumi kicked me. She’s in kill-mode for her fight. Her face is so serious.

I usually spar a few times and then go home, but all the other girls were sparring until late, so I stayed. Then we did 100 Indian Pushups, sit ups, and half-push ups. By the time we were all done, it was 11 PM.


Now it’s 12:30 PM and I’m not in bed…. I better sleep in tonight. 🙁 Last night I was able to sleep until 6! A blessed miracle.

I ran into Celine and Yoachim Hansen in the elevator on the way up! I think they’re going to train tomorrow! …