keeping vows, and feel’n the pain

So on Friday, I got an easy morning schedule, so I made plans to see an old friend in my old hometown (hometown?) Atsugi. 😀

That was very nice. So there’s this awesome bakery that I love because it has this EXCELLENT mentaiko bread. ONLY that place sells it. I used to go there all the time when I lived there, but it’s too far now, so whenever I have a chance to go to Atsugi, I eat like two pieces of it. ^^ I was looking forward to going.

I was half way there on the train, and then I thought, “Oh Noborito also has a great bakery with samples….”

….wait. My vow. I can’t go. 🙁 I was really bummed. Remember, I vowed not to buy anything in a bakery. No, wait…that’s not all. I vowed to go INTO the bakeries, look around, and NOT BUY anything. “I don’t wanna go in!” I thought, but I had to, so I did. THEY HAD SAMPLES in Hokuo. _< I wanted some! So I sniffed around and then forced myself to leave. IT SUCKED. @_@ Thus the whole point of mental training. So I got to Atsugi. "I don't wanna go if I can't have any..." Actually I didn't force myself to go into that favorite bakery...I might have cried ^^;; It was all I could do to STAY AWAY. Maybe that means I failed? I visited my favorite sembei shop instead. I know the owner- he's like this 85 year old man who always makes small talk with me, so I bought a bunch of rice crackers instead. I wanted mentaiko bread. :< I enjoyed talking to my friend...although she's going through some hard times, and I'm really upset for her. ~_~; I wish I could have made some decisions for her, but the world doesn't work that way. I was obsessed with her issues all night and into today. I had a dream where I spoke Japanese! It was my first one ever!! Usually, Japanese people (who only speak Japanese) magically speak English in my dreams, but this time, I actually met BJ and Katsumura in Ito Yokado's sports clothing section and talked to them about practice. lol wow Today was pretty busy. The quiet little girl who hates speaking had fun with my game of shoots and ladders that I made. XD The little boy enjoyed my role-play of using toy phones to invite ourselves places. And I got monitored by the bossman on a kick ass lesson that I got great feedback from, so I'm psyched. PSYCHED. "How are you?" "Mentally great!" It's sad that I've started answering this way. lol My leg has some weird bruises up and down it...

And this is my attempt to draw “melt.”

After work, I weight lifted hard with my upper body. In doing so, my lower back kind of…feels weird now. It actually hurts LESS NOT to stretch it, and my leg. x_x Pain…. My new motto: Feel the pain and pray there’ll be gain.

Yesterday my computer wouldn’t boot up..even after trying to troubleshoot and restore a BUNCH OF TIMES. But magically when I got home from work today, it did. Thank goodness! But I’m smart and I’ve backed up pics and files and important stuff anyway….…