tired Friday, exciting weekend ahead

Okay I’ve been pigging out a little too much and I’m 137 lbs now ^^;; Oh well.

I was really tired yesterday from training on Thursday, but I still walked to my favorite sembei shop in Kawasaki Daishi.

I also watched some eps of One Piece. Finally finished that silly filler arch.

And now this random “Chopperman” ep. XD NOW I understand all the merchandise I’ve been seeing with “Chopperman.” I didn’t get it before, but that’s cuz I was behind in the eps. XD

I have a SUPER BUSY WEEKEND, going into next week. Look forward to fun blog entries over the next few days! XD

Hah Usodababa XD XD LMAO

Some day I’m going to strike this pose. XD

haha Zorogila XD who loves Onigiri! (rice balls)

aaah I’m sleepy. I wanna go back to bed. u_u *pops a caffeine pill*…