training, anime shopping, gyukaku

On Monday, I went swimming in the morning, and went to the AACC in the evening. I was able to hit mits and do very very light grappling! I enjoyed training with Alexandra Chambers, who hung around a bit and trained after her fight in Jewels. That was cool.

Yesterday was super busy. I worked, and went to an event in Tokyo in the afternoon, and then in the evening I worked. Afterwards, I unfortunately had two conflicting events, a farewell/welcome party at work, and a get together with my dojo members. Alex was leaving soon. I managed to hit both. ^^;; I got home at 12:30 and got to sleep around 2 AM.

I’ve been eating more beef lately!
I surpassed my push-up max again last night. XD I thought that if I did that before bed after eating beef, I’d get some strength gains. lol We’ll see.

Here are some pics of some stuff I got in Nakano on Monday! XD

These are kind of too small for me, but I wanted them! Because bananas are the answer!

Majin Vegeta is so cool. *_*

Then Vegetto, and they have the Shonen Jump mixes, with DBZ and One Piece characters together. I might go back and get Frankie/a saiyan (I couldn’t tell in the package), and Kid Gohan/Zoro.…