Weigh-in day, shirt-less pics(really!), MEKAJIKI!!

Today was the weigh-in for Jewels 18! I think I’ve lost too much weight again by dieting. 🙁 But not as much as before.

Anyway, me and Hashi.

It was kind of bizarre, since we trained together so closely in the past. I was 126.06 lbs….I think my scale was either heavy or their scale light, because I was trying to make it perfectly 127, which was the weight. 😡 I basically cut all water and food and did a little over one pound in the sauna in the morning.


After I did what I had to do, I didn’t hang around….I went to a work-related meeting, which luckily happened to be nearby, so I made it. I ate soooo much, but I TRIED to go slowly. u_U I’m actually glad I went to the meeting, because it forced me to stop chowing down and digest for a few hours. lol

Then I went out for dinner with some colleagues. They look slightly surprised in this picture. XD

I ate this dish in Royal Host of flavored rice in cream sauce with egg and shrimp on top. So yummy. I wanted to get MEKA JIKI!!! which is sword fish, but the menu said it was griled with butter sauce, and that upsets my stomach, so I had the omu rice instead. But I wanted to say MEKA JIKI! Because saying MEKA JIKI really loudly while making double fists sounds like a kind of Gundam robot. XD
(this picture is not MEKA JIKI!!!)

Then I went to the gym to talk to Ayaka, but she ended up not coming. But I got to talk to Toda-san and he gave me a nice big pep-talk. I owe him so much for that, actually.

(they are NOT Toda-san, FYI. They are Megumi Fujii, Amanda Lucas, and Sakura Okada, who is fighting in Pancrase next week)

I’m soooo exahusted, and I wonder why I’m so sore. u_U
Going to bed now. Hair in the morning. Then home for a short period of time, then off to Shin Kiba.

Oh, and no, nobody’s streaming it, and I don’t know how you can watch online, unless you can come to the venue. But thanks for your support! Send all those good vibes to my corner. 🙂…