living in the threshold

First, thanks to my sponsors Fightchix and Tussle for sponsoring me in this upcomming fight.

I worked all day yesterday. I only had 5 and a half hours on my contract, but I was at work from 9:30 AM until 9:30 PM. That’s about 5 hours of unpaid work. I just had a lot I wanted to do at work. I had to make resource folders, do kids reports, organize kids stuff etc etc. It’s kind of bad because I’m setting myself up to be taken advantage if my boss thinks I’ll do work without him having to pay me…. :/ I think I’m lucky in that he’s a good guy and won’t do that…. Actually, the staff needed to confer with me about things and since I was there, they could. If I weren’t, what would have happened?

I think I ate too much yesterday.

I got a fruitcake in the mail the other day from a wonderful, thoughtful fan! 😀 I was gonna save it until after my fight, but I thought, “Ah that’s okay, I’ll just have a tiny sliver every day and milk it. If I save it until after my fight, it’ll be gone in like two days. lol.” Well, it’s disappearing TWO slices at a time. ^_^; SO yummy. That’s okay, no more for now.

I was walking down the street listening to some rock, visualising my fight….really focused. Then at the crosswalk, I spotted one of my 5-year old students. His adorable face broke into a smile and he waved.

That was a very bizarre moment. Because I was not an English teacher at that moment. I was a fighter, but he melted my heart and forced me back. As if I was in warp speed and I got caught in some kind of quantum net that jolted me out of hyperspace abruptly and uncomfortably.

My two worlds do not mix. I spend my time living in the threshold of each.

I got soooo much done yesterday- unfortunately, by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Best music video ever. My all-time favorite.