My thoughts on the nuclear situation in Japan

I know this is a touchy topic, but I want to write my thoughts on the state of the nuclear issues going on lately.

First, some disclaimers: I am biased because I’m not Japanese, and I don’t have family or ancestors living up there. However, I adore Japan and have settled here as my long-term home.

Now. I’m reading articles about how there are discussions of the governments spreading the nuclear waste around Japan and having different prefectures store it. As if it’s their ‘duty’ to help take care of Fukushima by doing that.
“Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda plans to ask local governments outside the devastated areas for their cooperation, saying, “It’s inevitable that local governments nationwide will have to share the burden of disposing of the debris.”

I call bull. Keep that sh*t away from me. It spreads and is invisible and people are having a hard time of knowing how dangerous different levels are, and obviously people can’t contain it. High levels of contanimated rocks have showed up nearby in some quarry.

Don’t PURPOSELY move it around, it’ll just spread all over the place. Bury it where it is, and stay away.

Now, I’m truly sorry for the people there who call it their homes, but you know, the land supports people’s lives- not the other way around. People live on the land and have to take care of the land so the land can take care of the people. Like the hunter-gathers of old, if the land can’t support you- MOVE. If a bomb or wide-spread disease was wiping out the USA, I would totally move to save my life.

This is such a horrible disaster. I’ve never felt so deeply horrified and shocked as the night of March 11th. I sat in the office at midnight (because the trains had stopped and we couldn’t get home) and watched on youtube on my co-worker’s laptop as the tsunami swept away a town. This turned me from agnostic to an atheist.

I’m sure there’s stuff behind the scenes, and the situation is more complicated than my understanding. It’s always like that. I’m just a citizen keeping up with the news. But I say DON’T go to Fukushima for vacation to support the tourist economy, DON’T buy contaminated peaches to support the farmers, DON’T be stubborn and live on the farm next to the plant anyway, and don’t PURPOSELY send radioactive material all around the country. -_-

THIS, I approve of more than the former idea, if it’s near the original site:
Mayor of Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, talked about facilities for soil and other waste contaminated with radioactive substances. The town is near Fukushima No. 1 power plant and has been affected by the nuclear disaster there.
The mayor proposed that two storage facilities be built in different locations somewhere in the following four towns: Futaba and Okuma, which share the site of the Fukushima No. 1 plant, and Tomioka and Naraha, which share the site of the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant…….…