morning circuit and food

Yesterday morning, I did my circuit training. All alone in Gold’s Gym at 10 AM with three timers and my iPhone playing heavy metal. I won’t go into detail…because it’s SECRET SUPERHERO training. I want to be a super hero. :< Of course it would be nice to have training partners to do this with me. X_x but We can't have everything we want! People tell me I can't look scary, so how about this angle?
Today, a fellow Toda-san is going to help me train this morning at the AACC morning class.

Yesterday, after that morning training, I ate lunch and went to work and had pretty good evening lessons.

I ate this: boiled chicken, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and bamboo. It may not be pretty, but it’s super healthy. That and a rice ball.

Then I bought castella balls to top off my lunch. The staff tends to throw in an extra one because I’m a regular customer, but this time he threw in two. Not knowing that he was actually messing up my diet. -_- I only really wanted two, but got four.