It’s a conspiracy! XO

One week ago….

Roxy: OOOOW MY KNEE OMFGGGGGG! *rolls around on the ground in agony*
Megumi: Don’t worry, it’s not swollen so much, it’s not torn or anything!
Roxy: okay ;_;

Two days after that….

A day after that….
Roxy: I’m lifting weights, I’m lifting weights, la la la…
body: You should be careful. 😮
Roxy: I’m fine! I’m doing upper body.
body: You should rest more.
Roxy: I think I’ll walk home today.
body: -_-

A day after that….

Roxy: Oh boy my knee is getting better fast, maybe I’ll…
body: No.
Roxy: Yeah, maybe…
body: No. OH what’s that, is that an eyelash! *rubrubrub*
Roxy: AAAAARRGFGSDFSDF@#$*#@ my eyeeeeeee! x_O;

The next day….
Doctor: *sigh* You bruised your cornea. Again. In the same. Place.
Roxy: x_o Maybe I’ll go lif..
body: NO. Gee, your throat is feeling kind of sore, isn’t it? Yesssssss
Roxy: No it’s not.

The next day:
Roxy: omg my eye….my throat….my nose….my energy… *collapse and call in sick to work*

In the mean time….my knee is getting better. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! A CONSPIRACY! Just to keep my off my knee!

Thank goodness for that.…