Christmas vacation part 2: Western Mass

Monday, the day after Christmas: I enjoyed free wi-fi on the Peter Pan bus, and got to update my cities (Cityville, Holidaytown, and Forestville) and check e-mail and Facebook.

Mom took some days off from work to spend time with me. I arrived around 2, and we went straight to the mall. We bought THREE PAIRS OF SHOES; a new pair of sneakers because mine were falling apart, and two pairs of work shoes. This is significant because Japanese women’s shoes stop at size 8. Yes, there are NO shoes for women that exist in that island nation larger than 8. My beautiful footsies are size 10. She only got me Dessert Gum and medicines in my stocking, but her present was buying me clothes.

We went out for yummy Chinese food. XD Then crashed. I was really feeling the jet-lag. I fell asleep WHILE she was talking to me. ;_;

On Tuesday, we had more shopping fun for work pants. PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and other things. ^^

How about these for my next fight wear?? Hmmm…..nah. There’s no WAY that I’m……

…gonna pay 16 dollars for this. XD XD LOL

Actually, I didn’t tell most of my friends I was coming because I only had a few days with my Mom and I wanted to spend it all with her, but it turned out that two of my high school friends were planning on going out for dinner, and they invited me. I decided to go crash their get-together 😀

It was SO nice to see Jay and Erin again!

We went to Applebee’s.

When I got back, I watched House with Mom and she hemmed my pants. A very motherly thing to do. XD So grateful. I started liking this “House” show, which is kind of bad because now I’m gonna wanna spend time watching it. ^^;; I enjoyed watching American commercials…and saw ads for new TV series and movies and MAN, stuff looks GOOD!! Good thing I don’t live in the US…I’d wanna come home from work and sit in front of the TV. ^^;

Anyway, I had a nice relaxing time with Mom, eating healthy, finally eating more vegetables than I did at Dad’s….Mom and I are a lot a like. We have the same eating habits, eat the same kinds of things, wake up and go to bed at the same time, (have similar sleeping problems -_-;). I loooove my Mommy XD.

Then on Friday morning, she put me on the bus back to Boston…..

…to be continued…