fantastic Thursday with Celine and training

On Wednesday, I was pretty busy- weight lifting first thing in the morning, then met a friend for lunch, then went to work, then sparred MMA at the AACC at night. I had to bring 4 changes of clothing for all that, plus gear, so I brought my huge blue wheely camper bag thingie. Everybody was asking me if I was going on a trip. lol

I spotted a Hello Kitty tour bus.

AND the poster for the UFC in Japan in February! PSYCHED ABOUT THAT. I’m going to have to take a day off from work to go. ^^;;

I had such an awesome Thursday.

In the morning, I was tired from Wednesday night’s sparring with Akano-san, so I just watched Christmas movies. Nester, the long eared Christmas Donkey, was made by the same team who made the puppet Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer. I’d never seen it before! Have you guys? It was ‘okay.’ Maybe it wasn’t pushed because it was religious. I chatted with friends online, played Holidaytown and Cityville, etc. I went shopping and got Celine a Christmas present and did chores.

Then I met Celine and we went to Kiddyland- the best toy store EVER, located in Harajuku. After that, we chatted in this Italian Cafe because Johnathans, our preferred diner, was packed. ;_; It was so nice, though. We chatted about a lot of things. I’m so lucky to have nice friends like Celine, and glad to have met her. We seem to run into each other a lot because we’re both in the MMA world, and she comes here to fight in Jewels.

I went to Asakusa after that to finish Christmas shopping. I’m done 😀 Finally, I went to the AACC and had a great night. I hit mitts, and held them for this one guy who said he really enjoyed it, so that was cool. Abe-san showed a nice bicep crusher and I worked with Takahashi-san, this nice lady who got MUCH better since I last trained with her. That was cool. She went from a sloppy beginner to snapping on the arm-bar really tightly. Good job! ^_^b Then sparring!

I seem to have been selected as the training partner of choice for Hitomi to prepare for her fight, which is fine. We’re close in size, fight experience, and skill, so it always makes for good roll. I would think that training with men who could over-power her and challenge her EVEN more would be best, but Japanese don’t think so, I guess. She currently out-weighs me, which is the way it should be if she’s going to be fighting AT 135.

I’m jealous of people who can work out and gain mass, while I just gain body fat, even heating healthy. 🙁

Anyway…. I sparred a lot of just grappling, which is what I love to do the most. It FEELS different doing grappling compared to doing grappling while sparring MMA. It makes me so happy! 😀 I had so much fun! ^^

I love Holidaytown.