test weight cut

So yesterday after work, I went to a meeting in Tokyo and we talked about very exciting things happening with my beloved company. 🙂 (no sarcasm) I really love my company- that’s why I go to the meetings!

Anyway, then at 7, I went to Oimachi for my test weight cut. I’d had a light breakfast, a light lunch, but a big melon pan (sugar bread) which is light weight but high in calories, hoping to hold me over through dinner. Then I stopped eating and drinking. So in the morning, I was like 132ish lbs…maybe even 131. (I actually forgot to weigh myself Sunday morning, but I was 132 Saturday morning…but I’d trained Saturday night, so sometimes I go down). When I got to the gym, I weighed myself on my own scale and I was 129 point something pounds.

After jumping rope to warm up and break a sweat, I did 5 minutes in the sauna, 5 minutes on the eliptical. Then that changed to walking. Then when I got wobbly, that changed to the bicycle. Then, taking my shoes off seemed like too much effort, so I just sat outside the sauna. u_U After three hours of such a cycle, I made 125 lbs.

It was SO hot in there, that my sauna suit felt like it was melting, and the zipper on my fleece burned me if I touched it. The tips of my ears felt like they were burning, so I tried to sit close to the floor, away from the heater thingies on the ceiling. Are sauna’s supposed to be 91 degrees C?? lol

Now….the whole purpose is to see A) How much weight I can actually lose by this method, B) if I can start from a higher weight and cut down.

Because for Rosi’s fight in Cage Warriors, my legs were cramping up and for Black Eye, my arms were. I just don’t feel good at that weight, but I dieted to 128 and then did the ‘no drinking or eating for a day and change.” So I’m hoping I can start from 132 or 133, where I feel stronger. Actually, I feel strong BEING 135, but everyone else cuts DOWN to 135. *sigh* It’s such a problem! I’m so stuck between weight classes.


Unfortunately, I don’t think the circumstances were exactly the same as they might be if I were fighting. I should have started a little heavier, and I might have gone to bed and woken up lighter. I actually didn’t trust myself to wobble home, so I just rehydrated once I made 125. Then I had rice and bread and eggs( slowly). And I digested it well! I didn’t have the huge stomachaches I always do before fights, when I starve myself.

I was telling myself that I should try again another time, but I’d already been doing it for 2 hours, and I’m sure my brain was telling me anything to convince me to stop, so I was determined to stick it out.

But I’m exhausted from Saturday training. So my final test is to see how practice goes tonight, and I hope if I’m cramping, it’s because I did a zillion take downs on Saturday, not because of my low weight. I have to gain weight. ~_~; Good weight.

Before breakfast this morning, I was 127.6 lbs. wtf…. ~_~; After, 129. DAMN I hope I didn’t lose muscle weight. I already can’t gain it so well. This fighter sh*t is so crazy.

My mini-scale is too mini! It’s too small for my size 10 footsies! My toes always hang off, so I decided to try standing on my tip toes in the centers of each sides, and then I started getting different readins! @_@;; Well, the Oimachi Gold’s gym scale is TWO POUNDS off. I suspected this…

At least I can have an ice cream cone completely guilt free today……