super speedy beforeworkentry

Yesterday I woke up, talked to my uncle on skype, and went back to Kudo Sekkotsuin.
MY neck and back felt even BETTER!! XD Not perfect, though.
Ate BEEF and chicken.
Went shopping.
Went to Gold’s Gym and did Omar’s warm-ups + legs (squats, lunges, the machine leg-press)
Waddled home, talked to a friend on skype.
Emailed like 6 more literary agents. Nobody is respondingggggggggg *cry* I wanna publish my boook. ;_;!!
Went to work. Taught this group for the first time.
Went to the gym and sparred with Rina and Emi. They both told me I felt very light. To me, they felt very strong. damnitalltohell. ~_~:; They’re both in the 52 kilo weight division, should be overpowering them (Well, they’re both heavier, about my weight, since no fight is set) but still. *sigh*
So I got kind of depressed after that…. weighed myself. I’m 59.5 kilos after breakfast. I’m trying not to gain fat-weight, but gah.

Gotta end this on a positive note. Let’s see….

I’m going to work at my office! 😀 I love my office….

Sure that works. bye now

oh wait, I was gonna post some pics of what I ate yesterday.
PUMPKIN Kawayaki! 😀 Like a pancake/muffin thing with sweet pumpkin-flavored creamy jam inside. SO GOOD.

And my favorite Kamaboko fish cakes with cheese, plus green beans and bean sprouts with sesame dressing. LOVE IT.