things I saw today

Where is my mind? Way out there in the water, see it swimming, where is my mind?

I saw some dude try jay-walking on a CURVE (brilliant) not on a crosswalk (even better) against the red light (genius). So when a car came wizzing around the bend, he dove out of the way and just barely avoided getting hit. I saw him shaking his head as he walked by me, who was patiently waiting with about 100 other people who valued their lives.

I saw a large group of 5 year-olds run around on their hands and knees moo-ing like cows and baa-ing like sheep. That was entirely my doing, though.

I saw three little five-year-olds nearly come to blows over the right to hold my hand, as we joined hands to make a circle.

Today was okay. Besides my body feeling like the Scarcrow stuck on a shaft. I hope I get stronger soon.

This 10-year-old girl is taking a 20-lesson mini-course before going to London. I always get super committed and enthusiastic when that happens. It’s not just that her parents are zealous and are forcing her to do extra study. She’s MOVING to LONDON. It’s IMPORTANT she learns to say stuff.

It seems that she really enjoys my lessons! I taught her the last two times. She is so sweet and a fast learner. She’ll be able to make it in London, for sure. She came up to me and said (in Japanese) “I’m able to write them!” and wrote the ABCs in capital letters on the board FROM MEMORY. I don’t think she could do that when I first assessed her. She must have gone home and practiced hard. I was so proud of her! 😀 I taught her “Chips” instead of “French Fries.” See, we customize lessons at Berlitz. 🙂 Although Ross should probably teacher her a bit, since he has a British accent.

I’m sleeping well lately. I think stress has something to do with it. I’m not so stressed out at work lately.