High-Low training, and pen vlog

Monday, my neck felt okay and cold was better, so I went to Ground Slam and did 4 rounds of hard sparring: BJ twice, Caol Uno-san, Kobayashi-san, and felt my limit for the day… I was just taking my gloves off when Rumina Sato walked in for sparring. @_@; Damn! Just missed a chance to spar a ledgend! Well, not like I would have been a challenge…but wow.

Did chores, watched One Piece, studied the video’s Omar sent me, and around 5, went to Gold’s Gym and did some physical conditioning stuff- a combination of what he showed me, and then the Powermax Bike that Take-san showed me. It went pretty well. My neck hurts again. 🙁

A friend showed me this article about high-low training days, and it’s REALLY true! I mean, I know about over training and how one should rest, but nobody’s ever quite worded it and explained it like this article does. It really describes me exactly- feeling like it’s a challenge to make it through every training session, and then I get stuck ‘in the middle’ with no real gains. I feel limited by my work schedule, so it becomes like a crime if I can’t get the most out of each session. I think I was shooting myself in both feet ever since I started training in the morning, because I always tried to go hard then AND in the evening, instead of choosing one hard session and one light. I just didn’t know any better. I thought, everyone else is doing it! But I missed that one key aspect- intensity.

It’s really quite amazing. I think the up-and-coming fighters will be stronger and better than the veterans because they’ve started out knowing all this, how to maximize their potential.

“8 weeks out article on high-low training”

But I’m still 29. I’m a veteran but not out of the running yet! I swear. I will get stronger. Winning my next fight, whenever it may be, is something I think about every day.

I also made a video blog about my pens.