work it, work it, work that gray matter, baby!

Yesterday morning, I worked on my book chapter outlines. A lot. I wrote and wrote and wrote all morning! I even went to a cafe and wrote, so I wouldn’t be distracted by the internet. I focused so hard. When I got back home, I Skyped with my friend Tony, and he gave me an hour and a half microbiology lesson tied in with lifting advice. It was sooooo interesting! :O My brain hasn’t been this stimulated in a while. u_U We discussed exercises for every major athletic muscle in the body from head to foot…well, I had to quit after we finished ‘arms.’

That’s probably why I couldn’t take a nap. ^^;; I lay down a few times, but sleep wouldn’t come. My mind kept spinning and working. I watched a few episodes of One Piece where they first met Luffy’s grandfather, and I was shocked when they told us who Luffy’s father was….I had a suspicion, no I was POSITIVE, it was this one guy because they had the same smile, but I was wrong? But I’m behind in the series, so don’t tell me. I wonder where Luffy’s mother is….she was never in flash backs. I guess I’ll find out eventually.

So I went shopping around for a pumpkin to carve. I visited about 7 flower shops in Kawasaki, and at the 2nd one in Omori, I FOUND ONE! XD I’m so happy and relieved. Forty bucks!! I’m gonna carve it and put it at the office next week. 🙂

I was soooo tired from walking around lugging my training gear for over an hour. ^^;;

Anyway, I trained at the AACC! 😀
It seems like every time I reach my limit and I’m about to go home, Hitomi asks me to spar. Why does that always happen? x_x; I hope she doesn’t think I’m avoiding her.

This was the second time I did grappling/MMA after my fight. It’s still hard. :/ I still get flash backs. A fighter isn’t “okay” so easily- if they say they are, they’re probably lying to you so that you don’t worry. I appreciate the sentiment, of course, but instead of asking “Are you feeling better after your loss?” you could say something like, “I hope you’re doing well,” or “I hope you’re recovering well” or something along those lines.

Just for reference. But of course, I won’t be hearing that much longer.

Right now my body is weak. I know this. NOT FOR FSKING LONG~!!!

That being said, here is the ‘confused umbrella’ I mentioned on twitter.

Is it a penguin? Is it a duck? Is it a penguin on the outside and then when it comes out of the case, it becomes a duck? Is it schizo? Even it doesn’t know.

I’m going to work out with Max again today! I am determined….not….to lose my notebook this time. lol…