oh, it’s poop!

I had a decent day. One of my students canceled, so I used the time to walk around. I went into Village Vanguard, a variety store that sells weird stuff, and….saw….

The poop section.
Now, I’ve seen some very odd and disturbing things, but I think this section takes the cake.

Japanese love poop. Beats the hell out of me why. They think it’s cute? Or funny? Especially if the top is curly? They make characters out of it, draw happy faces on it, sell merchandise!?!?!?! @_@;; It’s totally beyond me, and I’ve been living in Japan for 7 years.

Just look at this!

no, I DON’T want a toy action figure of poop. omg why does it have LIPS? Why is it sweating? Why is it sticking fingers up its nose? WHY DOES IT HAVE A NOSE, for goodness sakes!? XO

Now I know what I’m wearing on my next date.

Now I know why I CAN’T get a date…

You can call me Turd head, but DON’T call me “Potty head!”

Enough of that, you KNOW you wanna know what’s in that book called ‘Unko!’ (poop)

They’re saying, “Oh, no…it’s poop! It’s so stinky! Run away!”

Actually, it is. hahaha I made a funny. XD

but in all seriousness, I say, FLUSH IT, baby!!…