My birthday, Khabib -Conor opinion, 125 lb title fight stuff

I haven’t blogged in a while!

It was my birthday on September 24th, and I turned 21. Just kidding, but I feel like I’m getting younger because I’m getting stronger and healthier! 🙂 Haha

Thanks to my friends and fans who gave me something off my amazon wish list, conveniently located here:
And my friend Patrick sponsored my NEW BEAUTIFUL GLASS SHELVES that I’ve been wanting for years but never bought because somewhere in the back of my mind, my mom would say, “But it’ll be hard to move when you move!” She moves a lot. But I’m not my mother. So I bought it so I could display all my action figures that I’ve collected over the years!

I love it, and when I called my mom and told her, she said, “Oh that’ll be hard to move!”



I threw myself a party and a bunch of people came. Thanks, guys! 😀

We had a Tekken tournament. 🙂 Serena won with Charlie in the finals!

Serena’s mom baked me one of the most delicious chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! THANK YOU!

And to everyone in the gym and online who wished me happy birthday, I felt very loved! ^_^ Thank you thank you thank you! 😀
AND the UFC Posted a picture of me and wished me a happy birthday on social media! 😀 😀 What a huge honor! I look all muscly, too!

A few people asked me if somebody photoshopped my head to that body. Nope, that’s me. XD Because I never take my shirt off or flex like that. Hey, I was powering up to go Super Saiyan! That’s what Saiyans do!

Training has been really really great lately. I’ve been getting the sense I’ll be fighting soon, so a few weeks ago, I cut back on gi jiujitsu and started ramping up my strength and conditioning. It’s always frustrating having no fight offers, but I keep telling myself that I DO have a fight, I just don’t know when yet! My weight has been high since I came back from Japan (not that high, but higher than I prefer) so I started dieting, as well. My coaches warned me against over-training, which I translate as nice that they are recognizing my hard work and effort. I feel like I’ve been leveling up lately. I learn stuff in my private lessons with John and Mike, then try the move for the rest of the week! I know so much stuff, it’s hard to have the time to DO it all, and then I forget stuff. Thanks, Casey, for drilling with me before MMA class all the time.

I might have some news…stay tuned!

Regarding Khabib vs Conor….. it wasn’t good that he jumped out of the cage, but in a way, I felt a guilty pleasure watching. It seemed to me that Conor got off the hook easily for committing a crime of assaulting the bus and injuring innocent bystanders. My friend Lemonbadger pointed out he paid fines and did community service…. meh. I dunno. If someone told me to stop watching anime and made me pay a fine, I wouldn’t be motivated to stop, and would still watch anime in secret. lol My teammate was Michael Chiesa, one of those hurt. However, I don’t know the whole extent of things and I try not to judge people unless I lived in their shoes. So I’m hesitant to say anything. I also don’t condone fighting with anger, that being the Dark side of the force.

But I can understand sh*t talking being hurtful. I made a conscious effort not to pay attention to the smack talking build up leading up to the fight. I did see the UFC promoting the fight using the footage of the crime, so I wasn’t surprised at all some fist fight broke out afterwards. They’re “just words” and “just business” but can be very hurtful emotionally. It’s really NOT just words. Think about when you were a kid and got bullied in school? Another friend compared it to school shootings… you bully the quiet kid enough and he/she explodes.

Who’s to blame? Khabib gets blame! Conor gets blame! the UFC gets blame! You all get blame! 😀

My heart doesn’t want Khabib to get punished, but I think they all should because rules were broken. They all gave in to the Dark Side and let anger control them.

But that’s good entertainment. MMA is a mix of entertainment and sports. But then people hold athletes to a high standard for an honorable athlete. It’s hard being a fighter! How far should you go to sell a fight? Do you have fancy moves? What if you don’t? Are you beautiful or handsome? What if you’re not? What if you suck but your smack talk or post-fight interviews are amazing? I was not impressed with Derrick Lewis’ fight at all, but he got the title shot!

I’m loving the memes. I admit it.

Regarding the 125 lb flyweight champion situation, I think it’s truly unfortunate that Nicco was unable to fight. She has a point, that the UFC rushed her so she couldn’t be ready in time. She was coming off injuries. However, the UFC has a point that it’s her responsibility to manage her weight. It sucks but they both are a little right. Nicco and I were training partners and bunk-mates in the TUF 26 house, so I want to have her back.

Then Joanna got the title fight against Shevchenko, and I was upset because Joanna didn’t even work her way up to that position in our weight class. She just jumped in. But that’s not HER fault. The UFC decides these things. But that’s a big money fight…. fans wanna see that fight, so it makes sense from the entertainment side, not the sports side, as I mentioned before. Soooooooooo I get it. But I still don’t like it. Then that got nixed and Sarj got signed for that shot. I WAS SO HAPPY. I think she earned it. 😀 I was the only one happy…all the fans were complaining. Joe Rogan said that he didn’t even know who she was…. HEY, come on, isn’t that a little embarrassing for him or anyone, because that means they weren’t paying attention to my season 26 of the Ultimate Fighter again, which was to introduce the new division? If I hadn’t heard of a fighter, I’d ask Mr. Google and find out. Maybe he was just speaking metaphorically, like he heard her name but doesn’t know a ton about her. okay I’ll just assume he meant that, because Joe Rogan is the man.

I fully believe that Sarj will make weight this time, so I quickly asked the UFC if I could get a fight on the same
card because THEY will want to make sure there’s a back up. I called out Jessica Eye online, or counter-called out because she called me out a few months ago, because she was supposed to fight Sarj and I knew she’d be free. But she posted that she was reboked. I heard through the grapevines that Chookagian was the back up.

THEN yesterday, the UFC announced Joanna was back on and Sarj was off and pissed, Chookagian didn’t know if she was still the back up, Eye didn’t know who she was fighting, when I Tweeted at her, Eye told me I should fight Sarj since she’s free so I retweeted that, then I called out Chookagian just to be safe and she said yes on Twitter….

It’s crazy! Can you believe us three top UFC fighters were having a public conversation about this on twitter? hahaha

But stuff got decided, maybe, who knows, but I’m super excited! 😀

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