worst practice

Worst practice EVER. -.- I was so off today.

My stomach growled at 9 AM before we even started. wtf, I had a HUGE breakfast….well, at 5 AM, but if I eat before 10, I get stomach pains. Even if I’m hungry, it’s bizarre.

In the first round of sparring, I got punched really hard in one of my eyes, and it really hurt… I got neck cranked twice, both of which made me hear a loud popping in my spine. Totally dominated and felt flat-footed.

In the second round, I tried to focus on clinching, and in turn got out-clinched and thrown bodily to the ground by my neck. *crack* Got punched super hard in the OTHER EYE.

Totally not in the mood to spar anymore, but kept going. Third round I just wanted to die and tried to work on blocking my eye and clinching. Got out-Greco wrestled, and the cuts on my face opened up and started bleeding.

Took two rounds off to try and get it together, but just today… I just wasn’t feeling it. _< Fourth round, got chocked unconscious by Katsumura-san in a possition that I didn't think he'd be able to choke me from. That was...bizarre. It was an arm-shoulder choke, but he was in my half guard and I had my arm up to defend. One second I was defending, and the next second I started seeing yellow stripes and thinking about ice cream and work.....that means you're dreaming. LOL Somehow managed to tapped and THEN went out. Woke up laughing, saying, "Did not think that would happen." He grinned. After that round, we were sitting together and he said, "You're slow today. Are you sleeping enough lately?" I said, "A little." He said, "go home and get some rest!" If only I could. Ironically, that's the one thing I can't seem to do. 🙁 I felt like I was going to die if I didn't eat some ice cream. I had veggies, chicken, half a rice ball, and made up the carb-calories in my favorite low-cal ice cream bar. Then I had the bad ice cream from KFC- it's like half milk-shake, half slushy. But I only ate one third before throwing the rest away. Just wanted a little taste. 🙁 I'm doing okay with my weight-cut, and I don't want to deplete myself TOO much. Yesterday, my reporter friend called me and said he's going to an anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo today, and did I wanna come? I was like "Pfft no....yes." o_O; I've never been to one. I'm tired and cranky, but I'm charged from lunch, so wtf I'm going. …