AACC with Brittany after work

I am all sorts of sore.

Today I had a pretty good day at work….except since I’d woken up at 3 AM and eaten breakfast, it screwed up my rhythm. I didn’t feel satisfied at all for lunch, and I ate more than usual but still was starving. 🙁 I got really sleepy. ;_; arg

I taught a certain kids class for the first time. They are supposed to be uncooperative, but I liked them. The kids had personality… they didn’t just stare at me. ^^;; That gets me the most. I want to see some LIFE in a kid. One boy was absent, though. I’m sure that made ALL the difference…

Well anyway… after work, I went to the AACC early and met Brittany! 😀 I first met her on Twitter. XD She’s a big MMA fan and always goes to MMA events. She’s American. I think I made a new friend! 😀 I really like her! We had tons of fun! I hope she comes back to the AACC once in a while! ^.^v

Tomorrow I have work… then rest. I am SO sore. ^^…