relaxing day!

There aren’t many times during the week that I can relax.

I mean, I can lay down, but often I can’t take a nap or REALLY relax because I’m either mentally preoccupied, or I know I’m training shortly, so I can’t put my guard down.

Friday mornings is one of those few times. I know I won’t be training and I don’t have to, because I had two hard sessions the previous day, so I did my work.

I woke up, finished watching Hanna, surfed the web, did laundry, even talked to my cousin! I tried to take a nap multiple times, but couldn’t. Tried to get in touch with my second counsin and Mom, but couldn’t.

Had tea with a friend at noon, went into work and only taught 3 lessons because it wasn’t busy. Went home early. It was great. What a great, relaxing day. I hardly ever get a day like this, seriously. All the conditions were right. I really needed this mentally.

I sat in my massage chair a lot. Feels sooo good. ^^

I adore this song.