movies and kids classes

I did some conditioning this morning at Gold’s. I was still pretty tired, but it was good to move around, and keep my metabolism up. Gotta keep the weight-loss up, slowly but steadily.

I took a nap after that at home, and started watching Suckerpunch. My friend Lauren had recommended it to me, and I finally got around to it. It totally kicks butt. I love the cast, and the acting. omg.

Speaking of saving money, I ate eel today. 😡 Expensive, but I love it, and I decided to treat myself. 😀

omg I love this “Suckerpunch” soundtrack.

Oh, this song is Bjork, okay, makes sense. I really like her.

I didn’t work so many lessons, but my kids class kicked my butt today. I got so pissed off cuz they wouldn’t listen to me. Out of six, only one girl pays attention! I introduced a new discipline system where I write their names on the board, and if I write a red “X” under it, they don’t get stickers. THey didn’t understand me until the end (Even though I thought I Made it clear with hand motions…OH wait, they weren’t watching!) until the end. When only the one girl got stickers. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
I went in early to work and did my Kids Coordinator duties.

Oh well, I got to go home at 7 PM instead of 9 PM. I’m going to bed now 😀

Rin Nakai and Danielle West fight on Sunday, but I can’t go because I have to work. 🙁…