no training ;o; DENTIST

I wanted to train so badly today, but I felt like hell. I’d sparred MMA Wednesday night, and got home at 11:30. I hadn’t recovered the next morning, so I decided to skip morning training.

I wanted to see Harry Potter, but I was so exhausted I was falling asleep literally every time I sat down. No way I’m paying 25 bucks to see a movie I’m gonna sleep through.

Therefore, I hung out with my friend from work and we had a French crepe at my favorite restaurant in K. I was gonna go to night-time training, but my body said NO. I went to the DENTIST instead.

Such a stupid system….they clean the front teeth, and then you have to go back a second time to get the rear teeth cleaned. They do that so they can charge you and your insurance more money. -_-; So irritating but I’ve stopped resisting the system.

I was gonna go shopping at the 100 yen shop in Sakuragi cho, but I felt horrible just walking around, so I went home and watched anime. I’ve decided to continue One Piece! 😀 I haven’t watched it in literally a year, and I’m in the mood for it, finally~! 😀 I’m on ep 266, when Luffy and the gang are trying to break into Enis Lobby.