my fight got posted

Yesterday I woke up finding that Sky Perfect had aired my fight with Akano (on the cable TV) but they’d edited the 10 minutes down to 4:33 minutes. I felt that the fight was basically even and that the judges said she won because she threw me and attacked with leg locks. However, they pretty much just showed the parts where she dominated, making it look like she wiped the floor with my @$$. That really bummed me out…. I hope the whole fight comes out sometime, because I want to watch it and see how I did, too. 🙁 Tama-chan and Ayaka said that they cut entire fights, and some fights only had two minutes aired, so I guess I’m “lucky” that 4:33 minutes were aired. I was like “yeah I’m so disappointed…” and then they said, “Well, some didn’t get shown at all….”


I watched half of “The Surrogates” with Bruce Willis and I like it so far. Willis is my favorite actor. I really wanna see “Harry Potter” but there’s a really high chance I’ll fall asleep in the theater. 🙁

Then I hung out with my friend, and then worked from 4 to 9:15. Then, I rushed to the AACC and joined in the middle of MMA sparring.

Last time, I put vasaline around my eyes like I always do, but I got cut above my lips with MMA gloves. The whole week, I had to put make up on my cut/scab when at work, which hurt at first and was really annoying.

This time I covered my face. lol After sparring, we did take-down drills, and I chatted with Tama-chan and Ayaka, who’d just finished BJJ class.

I got home at 11:30 PM exhausted, but pleased.

I’m so exhausted lately… I wanna do the evening technique class tonight. I don’t really like working out during the day, but I feel like I’m waiting around all day just for class if I skip the morning class….and I eat too much. But I don’t really wanna hit mits with Billy all morning. Hmmm. I think I’m getting sick…that won’t do.

This is the song Max put on after work. Honey Claws. lol Dude get DOWN with that beat! XD