crazy Saturday

On Saturday, I have 6 back-to-back lessons, a 40 minute lunch break, and then 5 more back-to-back lessons. It’s hard because teachers with full schedules don’t have any time to rest and we’re rushing around to prepare materials.

In my previous school, I used to arrive at 7:45AM and leisurely prep until my lessons started at 8:30. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the new school until 8:10, so from the beginning I was rushing around like a mad person. I had to read BT – hard business material that I have to make sure I read and understand everything in the text. I also had like 4 groups, so I wanted to make group activities ahead of time but I didn’t have time. _< It was okay...except I couldn't even sit down for lunch. Not to mention there was no space since my school is twice the size of my previous one, with a smaller teacher's room. lol I kept tripping over people and chairs. I had to eat a few bites in between breaks, finishing up during the first 5 minutes of 'lunch' time, RAN to the store to get onigiri rice ball, and then spend the rest of my lunch break prepping for afternoon lessons. It kinda sucked. The two last kids classes were older kids who I enjoy, though. I loved the last two girls. XD I think they liked me :D. I had a super great training session at ZFC last night. I'm so exhausted. @_@; Trying to watch my weight...this morning I was 59.8 kilos (131 lbs). I think I'll try and hang around here. In other news, this is my favorite veggie drink! 😀 The ads are cute...they say, "Add something healthy to your unhealthy meal! :D"