last day! and matsuri!

Yesterday was my last day at the SY school.

It was bitter sweet. I am so excited about transferring, but I also love the SY school. I’m the mentor of a few people. I want to take care of the new teachers. But my new-old boss says I’ll be mentoring people in the new school, too.

Out of my 8 lessons, 4 were monitoring and method work.

My last class was actually a 4 year old Y-chan, who is the cutest Japanese child on the face of the earth. This is a fact. But she can’t even speak Japanese fluently, and can’t pronounce anything in English. It’s totally not her fault. “Rectangle” is kind of hard to say, don’t you think? But she’s cute, so yeah. She couldn’t understand the game Shoots and Ladders, so we cut out shapes.

At the end of the lesson, we have to sing the goodbye song. “Goodbye children, goodbye teacher, goodbye children it’s time to say goodbye!” I was singing (to myself because she can’t pronounce the words) and I was thinking how ironic and prophetic it was. I’m saying goodbye to the school.

I got a little emotional, but the kid was already out the door.
My co-workers hugged me in the teacher’s room. I’ll see them again at the party next week, but maybe not much after that… oh well, it’s not like I’m leaving the country.

Then, I hung out with two friends and we went to my friend Kozo’s Japanese restaurant in Ishikawadai. It’s a long walk from the station, but always worth it. Today we had yaki udon, in addition to our usual korean kimchi tofu salad, tuna neck, and Hiramasa- a slightly expensive kind of sashimi. We were walking back to the station when we passed kids dressed in Yukata (summer kimonos) playing with festival toys.

We kept walking and came upon a matsuri! (festival) Some kind of bon odori, dancing festival, that was unique to that town. They did line dancing, and I tried it, but couldn’t do it, so got embarrassed and ran out of the line. -_-;;; arggg.

I ate so much. I gotta go on a diet again ^^;; I had such a good time, though.

Today I train with Kunioku-san. I’m excited to talk to him about some things I’ve figured out from the fight.

On Saturday, Mai Ichii came back to the gym to train, for the first time in like three months! I’ve missed her so much! She quit because she’s getting married, which annoys me…but I have no right to judge. :/ She seems different. Before, she seemed like such a child-like genki free wild spirit. Now, she’s like….wifely. I don’t know how else to explain it. More calm, more reserved. I dunno…..she was the one who I used to joke around with, like “YEAH LET’S SMASH OUR OPPONENT!” and she was like, “HELL YEAH KILL KILL MWAHAHAHA.” Now she’s like “Good evening! It’s been a while!”

o_O She seems happy, though.

I heard this song on the radio I liked in Gold’s Gym. Usually I try and catch a few lines of the lyrics and jot them down, so I could Google them and look up the song. I had a really hard catching a full sentence, though. I got stuff like “no more” “I’m through with it” “because I do boy” and actually the CORRECT SONG CAME UP. :O I’m very impressed with myself. It’s “Hole in the Head” by Sugababes.