my last Saturday, and training with Sakura

Yesterday was my last Saturday at my SY office before my transfer. It was super busy, but a good day.

On Friday, Chris gave me flowers! It was our last day working together. Thank you, Chris! How sweet.

I got into the office at 7:45 PM, yawning, even though I took my caffeine pill.
*yawn* -_-
Then I decided to crack open my POWER SQUASH drink, that I bought from a vending machine near my apartment. I bought it cuz it had a Dragon Ball Z character on it. Had no idea what it was except I saw kanji for ‘carbination’ written on it. I read the can and the third or fourth ingredient was caffeine.
*yawn* -_-
I took a big swig and….and… -.o ….. O_O!!!!!!!!

I was totally.completely..AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE XD It was awesome. I only drank half the can because I didn’t wanna give myself some kind of shock. lol I went into my first lesson, like “HI MISTER N HOW ARE YOU TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY XD!”

The day went pretty well. After work, I went to the AACC a little early and did special training with Sakura for her fight in Pancrase next weekend. We sparred MMA and did drills. She’s improved a lot, but’ll have her hands full with Yukiko Seki!

Geez, I don’t know HOW Sakura can train longer than me. I felt like I was starting to fall apart, so I sparred like 3 times and then went home. (at that point I’d been training from 7 to 9:45ish). I showered, talked to my manager for like 15 minutes, and was leaving, but I saw her STILL hitting the mits at 10:30! :O whoa……