When your job isn’t a job…

Today, I taught my Wednesday kids group EBS for the last time.
A new instructor actually sat and watched, for her own training purposes. Of course, they are perfect so it was the perfect class to watch.

The topic was watching TV, and what shows they watch, and what channels it’s on at what time. Lesson 27.

Of course, it was perfect. Then I told them that we were gonna read the story of Rob and his good idea, and they all started reading in chorus! I was going to read first and have them repeat, but they just read it. <3 After class, the new instructor said, "You know, I was really impressed that they could read that story." "That's RIGHT," I thought. "They're MY darlings." Well, to be fair, I partly share them with Chris. Every ten classes he gets them once, like if I'm absent or something. We tend to keep the same teacher for like half a year and then rotate, but I've been teaching this group for about a year and a half? I love them. I'm so proud of them. They went from NOTHING to READING. I used to be bad at teaching phonics. Now look at the result! I know it's not just my effort in class- they study at home. Their parents help them. They're motivated to do homework. Japanese kids go through hell in the public school system, so if I helped some 9 year olds love English early on, I'm thrilled. And if they remember me, I'll be happy.... They understand when I tell them stuff in English, even if the grammar is hard. They seemed really sad today. That's more reaction I got from my Tuesday kids, who just said, "See you" and ran out the door. My kids. I've been attached to only one other kids class in A-language Center, and I shed a few tears at their last class. Today, forget about it. I needed ten minutes alone. I'll miss them so much. Last week, I'd written them all little letters on cute stationary. This week, THEY gave ME letters!