training, foiled plans, shopping, boobs

I woke up at 4, intending to have a small breakfast.

I ended up having a huge breakfast.  I’d bought this maple-flavored soft bread on sale that was sooo delicious.  The expiration date is today, so I wanted two pieces.  I made French toast, on top of my huge salad and three eggs and yogurt and cottage cheese.  oh man so good, but I got a stomach ache an hour later. lol

I chatted with Mom on Skype for about an hour, which made me feel better about missing Independence Day.  I say “missing” because I’m not with my friends or family having a BBQ and jumping in a pool or something.

I wore my piggy socks today.

I went to the gym super early, and worked out a little.  With a stomachache (that lasted until the afternoon). It was good, though.  Then I went to the dentist because I had time, but they were all booked up.  I ate a lot of ham and a rice ball, and went shopping for a tank-top in Kawasaki.

That was annoying because I had trouble finding Larges or XLs in ladies, and then no smalls in mens!  ONLY Larges and mediums.  Same with shorts.  WTF, isn’t there anybody MY SIZE in Japan? -_-;

I went into this cheapo shop in the Ginza road in Kawasaki and spent about 20 minutes picking out about ten tank tops and one pair of One Piece shorts.  I asked a staff lady where the changing room was.  She looked at my stuff and said, “Oh, you’re not allowed to try on anything that goes over your head.  But you can try on those shorts! There’s a room over there.”

That’s cuz women wear make up and it smears over the shirts, so store owners made that rule in certain stores.  I got really bent out of shape in the past, cuz there was this shirt I REALLY really wanted, but I refused to buy it if I couldn’t try it on.  I DON’T WEAR make up and I explained.  But of course, being Japan, they wouldn’t make an exception.  I even tried twisting the guy’s arm, and when it didn’t work, pretending to get angry (not pretending, actually) but still no cigar.

So when the lady said that, I just took my stuff into the changing room, and since no one was looking, I tried the tank-tops on anyway.  HAHAHA screwwwwwwww you.  None fit. -_-  I couldn’t even get my shoulders through the larges.  Baka Japanese clothes. I should know better by now.  Uniqlo ones were too clingy, and I often have good luck with Uniqlo. ;_;

So when I step into the changing room, I always leave my shoes pointing in towards the room.  All Japanese people always bend over and reposition their shoes pointing out. I don’t bother.  All the staff ALWAYS reposition my shoes for me.  It’s kind of annoying, actually.  What if I like them pointing in?  So the lady in Uniqlo did it, and then in Casual House, I was gonna do it myself, but then though, “Oh, let’s see if that guy from way across the room makes the effort to come all the way over here just to turn my shoes.”  I was getting my phone camera out to take a pic and before I could take a pic, HE CAME AND DID IT.

That was hilarious. XD

I saw Care Bear shirts for adult women in Uniqlo.  HELL YEAH!  I’d already seem an older woman about my mom’s age wearing one on the train.  See that, Dad??  Who’s babyish now?!

I did not buy it, though. I bought a One Piece tank top! XD It’s a litttttle snug around the boobs, but not too bad. See, I’m shy… :<

Hah on that note, I was talking about fight clothes with Kunioku-san and he said, “How about wearing grappling shorts?  They’re easy to move in.”  I said, “No way!!!”  He said, “Why not?” and I said, “Because I’m shy!  You know that!”  and I  said, “Oh come on, nobody’s looking!”
Nobody’s looking my ass! (literally, LMAO)  Everybody is looking! No. WAY.  XD Plus, my butt is not as nice as Miesha Tate’s so I’m sure nobody wants to look too closely. >;D  If you argue with me, I’ll know you’re just being polite…

Here’s a picture of the tank top.  I KNOW you’re gonna try and look at my boobs, so I purposely cut them out of the picture! HAHAHA You can only see Luffy’s pirate logo.